Michael Kors Bags – Amazon Vs. Department Stores

I was at the mall this weekend doing a little Christmas shopping. Actually! All done now! Do not like the stress of last minute shopping!
At one of the major department stores, I went over to the Michael Kors bags. What a difference in price vs. the prices at Amazon. For example, The Michael Kors Fulton Large Crossbody at the department store was $188.00. The same bag on Amazon is $132.00. Yes, genuine Michael Kors bags. At the mall you are paying for their fancy Christmas decorations, dummies in clothes and most importantly, their rent. The rent especially at high-end / popular malls are very expensive.
In addition to savings over $50 bucks, you do not have to pay for the gas to get to the mall and then fight over a parking space especially over the weekend. Not to mention there are so many people that stop dead in their tracks to reply to their texts and answer their phones. So you are dodging all of the obstacles in your way. A lot quicker to pull out your tablet, phone, etc. and get on to www.genuinedesignerhandbagsonsale.com and browse any time of day or evening.
With the $50 bucks I saved I think I will use it to buy a new purse!

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Author: Rose

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