Michael Kors Berkley Clutch

Michael Kors Berkley Clutch Review

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With its gold metal logo-engraved handle makes this clutch pop. The gold on black combination is fun, classy, and sophisticated all rolled into one. The magnetic closures ensure even the clumsiest of us *shouldn’t* lose anything while grabbing dinner, partying in a club or just simply walking around town. As I tend to have clumsy moments, the interior zipped pocked reassures me that as I drop my keys, credit cards, and ID into the pocket, they won’t fall out. Of course there are some of you out there who lack the clumsy gene, but I for one, need to ensure the clutch I sport has a way to at least make me believe my stuff won’t tumble out due to a lack of a zipper, clasp, etc. Yet, the thing I love the most about the clutch is its usability; whether you are sporting a trendy or casual outfit, the clutch is sure to be a great match. Purchase this clutch for

Michael Kors Berkley Clutch is perfectly of-the-moment yet versatile enough to keep for years!
This bag can hold an amazing amount of stuff. I can fit literally everything  except a large wallet and a water bottle. It is perfect for church, special occasions, etc.Great for a  purse fashionista that wouldn’t buy something if it didn’t have functionality as well as great style.  The patent leather is good quality and the hardware is a rich 18K gold color. It even came with a dust bag. How sweet is it! Classic styling is never out of style – that’s what makes this Michael Kors Berkley Clutch a must have ! A wardrobe must have to go alongside that special little black dress!


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